Building second Stratergy building vs fist Sport shop

I have this choice .... a second strategy bldg of building a Sport shop......QUestion Which is best??? also what are the advantages of having a second Strategy bldg....What sort of stuff does one buy at the port shop?? does this cost real money out of my pocket or is the purchase in house?????
you want both, though sports shop will give you the more immediate boost, in sports shop you bid on 10 types of items that give your players a 5 to 15% boost in various skills (speed, stamina, tackling, passing, etc), this uses in game cash and you only bid against others in your level, so if not many hve it you get the items cheap, in higher levels people spend ridiculous amounts of money on items,

strat buildings give you a 0.5% boost per level and you can build 3 in total with level 26 being the current max so if all 3 are maxed out your players have a 39% bonus to their skill level
Agree with Targaryen.
Minor correction: the sport shop does not give you 5 to 15% boost on various skills but 5 to 15 points.

You ll get an immediate impact with the sport shop, so you should probably unlock it first..
But you should unlock the second strategy building as soon as possible.. (and the 3rd strategy center when you re around the level 30 in the game).

One additional tip: use the in-game cash to unlock plots as long as you can... it will help you later in the game... Keep your gold balls to unlock the 2nd and 3rd builder..
Thank you you guys are a star
I know this is subjective, but most top players would prioritize 3 strat building over absolutely everything. The cash used to improve performance is a one time thing, it's not coming back to you each season. Never stop upgrading strats as long as you can afford to upgrade.
If he is at a low level his priority is the sport shop as it would have a much bigger impact..
e.g.: A level 15 player has a max of 100 pts on a skill. If he unlocks a 2nd plot for a strat center, and upgrade it to lvl 26 (which would take him months), it would actually only give him 13 additional points per skill.
By unlocking the Sport shop, the next day he can improve his skills by 15 points...

So, for a low level player, the sport shop is a top priority. Without it, he will start losing his games against players who unlocked it.
When you re at a higher level, it s the opposite. The impact of a strategy center is much more important..

By level 30-35, he should have his sport shop and the 3 strategy centers unlocked.
He should upgrade his strategy centers as much as possible. Upgrading the sport shop is useless, you just need to unlock it..
If he is a lower level he should win easily without a sports shop, therefore it's the long play. Long play is strat building
But once again, this is clearly subjective
This is not subjective this is based on maths.
If you want to lose all your games on the short term by not unlocking the sport shop, it s a choice.
But he will not be able to win a game against a good player at his level who has maxed out the right skills and unlocked the sport shop.
His opponent would have 15 additional points (for a lvl 15 player), equivalent to 3 levels in the game.. so he will lose his lineouts and scrums, he will not be able to penetrate his opponent’s defense and will need 2 players to tackle one..

He should unlock his sport shop first, which will help him to win more games quickly (resulting in more cash and gold balls), and hence unlock additional plots (the strategy centers) faster.
Kotj, if you can't overcome 3 levels of 5 stats early in the game don't bother playing. You know this is true mate