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News and Patchnotes Description of updates 19 504 New building idea . درتاریخ Mark Paling توسط
Questions? If you don't understand something, please ask it here 1306 6968 Why are teams allowed to play ... . درتاریخ CRUSHED توسط
Bugs Found a bug? Report it here 392 1839 Offside rules . درتاریخ guest_1454850654030 توسط
Ideas You have an idea? 666 3534 Substitute . درتاریخ DHSFP توسط
Guild Forum 603 2782 BRISTOL COMBE . درتاریخ Combe BristolGuest D… توسط
Guild Presentation 138 603 WØLFPACK™ . درتاریخ CRUSHED توسط
Member search 115 335 BRISTOL COMBE . درتاریخ Combe BristolGuest D… توسط
Search guild 35 293 Is this game ending? . درتاریخ Ian McDermott توسط
3rd half Talk about everything and 420 6566 Anyone still here from the old... . درتاریخ I need new socks توسط