Malicious intruder in SPRINBOK RUGBY MANAGERS

04/01/23 05:13
Team All Blacks - a relatively junior member was recently promoted to leader - he decided to demote all other members and leave himself as only leader - despite many request to reinstate the structure, he ignores and refuses - Please help the guild by appointing Rhinos little big horn as leader as before so that he can rectify - Very urgent - many memembers will leave after the current gvg and seriously harm the guild - please act promptly - sincere thanks
04/01/23 06:01
Rhinos little big horn fully support this motion - alternatively - if possible - reset the guild structure to date 26 \12\2022 to nullify the disasterious promotion of All Blacks
04/01/23 06:02
Support, please remove All blacks
04/01/23 06:15
Please demote All Blacks as Leader, and promote Rhinos little big horn as leader to restore order. Thank you
04/01/23 12:46
Thank you Magement for your quick response and rectifying our problem - you definitely saved our guild - Salute from SPRINGBOK RUBY MANAGERS