Patch 3.0

10/04/16 20:45
If I may be permitted to add my thoughts on the recent updates pertaining to promotion, etc, can I just be straight and honest by expressing what I think, albeit, perhaps wrongly, that the developers are hastening this promotion of teams in order to make people buy more Gold Ball as the players we all have at whichever level we were in would inevitably be redundant on the next level. I made the dreadful mistake of buying them and then found out whatever amount of intensive training done by the young players would yield very little growth in quality levels simply because I won Level 13 and ended up at Level 15!!!

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I believe my Guild Leader mentioned about players in his Guild who deliberately avoided promotion when this upgrade was implemented. I was the one who decided to do so and told all our Guild members of my intention. Whether they followed suit, I cannot say. The salient point of playing games online is enjoyment, and as stated by SA Swans, the developers must put the fun element back into this game by making the necessary amendments. With this new promotion balderdash, they are killing the joy of playing an already frustrating game, as stated by Mad Mick.

There is also a certain blatant level of cheating by other players with teams which possess players way beyond the levels they are in. It is baffling and frustrating for players who try to play this game the right way. Needless to say, I refuse to buy Gold Balls to play this game as they are ridiculously over-priced and beyond the budget of a simple working class man like me.

Dear PierrotLL, please do not misconstrue this post as an affront to to you personally. It is just so beguiling to me that no attempts are made to remedy flaws in this game. If I am not mistaken, questions raised by Vishnal regarding tactics and perfromance levels, and so forth, resulted in us all being told rather dismissively to just play and not be too concerned about the algorithym of the game. I love perusing patterns of play and the workings of how this game is structured. Is it wrong for me to do so?

As I cannot afford to keep buying Gold Balls after every 2 levels of promotion, I decided to play friendlies against high quality teams in order to study the set-ups of players and strategies. I get thrashed mercilessly by these big teams, but I am undaunted and will always keep trying to find the "answer" to the best way to play. Without the need for cheating, I do enjoy the occasional good results against great teams even though I lose most of the time.NOW, for me, this is fun as the defeats will never crush me as this is just an online game that is meant to be fun.

Please consider the points put forward by SA Swans (btw, SA, your team is remarkable! Respect!), and please spare a kind thought for Vishnal (Respect to your team as well) who is doing a thankless task. Lastly, thank you for reading my long-winded post, PerrotLL. Let's all work together to bring the fun aspects of this game back. We can all do so with open dialogue and being very open with, and receptive to, ideals and suggestions put forth by players.

11/04/16 13:16
I also loose league games on purpose to stay on a lower level since tournaments are non-existent at higher levels.

I think its time the Admin's start taking into the account the pertinent issues, I will write to the admins.
11/04/16 15:28
about time admin woke up!
11/04/16 19:51
Great post Red Mancs
11/04/16 21:20
Thank you, VanillaLime, I was merely expressing the sentiments of all players.

Have a pleasant evening.