New Wooooooorld Record?

06/09/19 11:26
Lvl 95 Non Visa -13 fouls conceded in Chmp game. Only touched the ball on Kick-off!
07/09/19 09:29
19 by groot in level 89 last season, picture on whats app groups
07/09/19 12:33
19 fouls! Wow. That's insane
07/09/19 14:46
That IS insane! Wouldn't have thought you could do so 'well' within the time limit.

Mine was ko, penalty, 3pts rinse and repeat. Could have changed receiver, but I wanted to see if I could do the whole game - wasn't 'disappointed'.
I WAS hoping to put a record to my name.
07/09/19 15:33
Groots game was in the league that lasted around 140 minutes. The other team kept fouling in the scrum then when that stopped the first tackle was always a foul. This resulted in another 3 scrums before a tackle foul
07/09/19 15:35
I'm sure you can beat it if you get a 250 minute match