What's a guy gota do to get an answer

19/07/16 10:09
What is the point of being able to change settings if the players just do what they want . I've been waiting weeks for an answer to why players with 0% distance still shoot soon as they get to the edge of the penalty area yet I'm being ignored. Typical sublinet cherry picking questions brilliant well done
19/07/16 10:52
Do you have yellow arrows in your strategy? They are pass/kick instructions.

I watched your last friendly game against Forward (9:36 am), first real kick at 17' by your 5 that went really close to the goal area before shooting.
At 26', your 10 get the ball and go to the goal area limit before shooting just in front of the goal keeper.

Sometimes players can shoot from further is they are marked and have no other solution.
21/07/16 11:44
I have to say it is a lot better but it still happens like in my league game today
22/07/16 18:08
Wow if you want an answer get a dog whistle
22/07/16 21:05
I tried a dog whistle but lassie showed up at my door ! So I'm still none the wiser
22/07/16 21:55
Either that or hurl abuse haha
23/07/16 21:22
Then I'll get the will whale 30 day ban . See they even named it after you lol
23/07/16 21:40
Haha i bet thetr sat in the office thinking that fat fuck from grimsby is moaning again
24/07/16 18:14
upto your old tricks again will lol
24/07/16 23:14
Hi taffy yeah i just dont like the amazing admins to be spoken to like shit.. they have made a perfect game.. fault free ..and i really do appreciate the time they take to answer our questions.. these people are so amazing #teamadmin