rumour has it you're back in the game, there is a spot available for you if you want to come home
Yeah, now that you've laced up the boots again we miss you. My experiment with the merger didn't work, so I stand corrected, sir. Plus I'm tired of betting against you in for the same good players. Come back, mate, and have another run.
Prolly need one more season with Slackers to get them built up a little more then I'll head back on over. They have a nice core of active players now and are winning most GC's - just need someone to replace me up top to knock off the level 40's teams.
You guys are still the best guild going. I dunno what you've been feeding Bayonne but I can't stop his damn 12 from running over my backline no matter what I do. If you see this and he doesn't please pass on my apologies for the 5000 practice games.

I passed your message on, but seems he's scared of the forum
Cheers Goid! You were very rabid in the days approaching. Which is why I continue to send the invites back. Hope to see you in a season or two.

Should I expect a barrage of training sessions for the next couple of days, Mr Goid?
We have a space open. When are you coming home? Because it must be rather painful being in the guild that you are in, just sayin'
If we can't fill the guild this season I'll be on my way. We're carrying a bunch of inactives just so we can play GC matches which sucks. Would be nice to not have to hit 10-20 levels up every GC match, but then I'm so low level compared to most of you guys now that I'd probably have the opposite problem there.
We suddenly had a few retire and the new guys are inactive. I know you are doing your do diligence to keep the guild going, but I know it's hard. My point is this: how many truly active do you have for us to possibly merge? Food for thought.
We had 5 guys win their championship this season - one of those did it while inactive. So 4 active and competitive. Maybe another couple I'd consider active enough for you guys, but the level difference is a killer. I know I felt pretty ineffective as a Guild Challenge player over there, and the ones I'd look at bringing all hit well below where I do, so I don't think a merger would be great if you want to be competitive on the guild vs guild stage.