05/04/18 04:20
rumour has it you're back in the game, there is a spot available for you if you want to come home
11/04/18 20:57
Yeah, now that you've laced up the boots again we miss you. My experiment with the merger didn't work, so I stand corrected, sir. Plus I'm tired of betting against you in for the same good players. Come back, mate, and have another run.
30/07/18 21:41
Prolly need one more season with Slackers to get them built up a little more then I'll head back on over. They have a nice core of active players now and are winning most GC's - just need someone to replace me up top to knock off the level 40's teams.
You guys are still the best guild going. I dunno what you've been feeding Bayonne but I can't stop his damn 12 from running over my backline no matter what I do. If you see this and he doesn't please pass on my apologies for the 5000 practice games.

01/08/18 15:59
I passed your message on, but seems he's scared of the forum
01/08/18 20:53
Cheers Goid! You were very rabid in the days approaching. Which is why I continue to send the invites back. Hope to see you in a season or two.

08/08/18 02:05
Should I expect a barrage of training sessions for the next couple of days, Mr Goid?
20/08/18 02:49
We have a space open. When are you coming home? Because it must be rather painful being in the guild that you are in, just sayin'
28/08/18 22:00
If we can't fill the guild this season I'll be on my way. We're carrying a bunch of inactives just so we can play GC matches which sucks. Would be nice to not have to hit 10-20 levels up every GC match, but then I'm so low level compared to most of you guys now that I'd probably have the opposite problem there.
30/08/18 07:24
We suddenly had a few retire and the new guys are inactive. I know you are doing your do diligence to keep the guild going, but I know it's hard. My point is this: how many truly active do you have for us to possibly merge? Food for thought.
30/08/18 11:39
We had 5 guys win their championship this season - one of those did it while inactive. So 4 active and competitive. Maybe another couple I'd consider active enough for you guys, but the level difference is a killer. I know I felt pretty ineffective as a Guild Challenge player over there, and the ones I'd look at bringing all hit well below where I do, so I don't think a merger would be great if you want to be competitive on the guild vs guild stage.