Teams not Playing their Guild Challenge Games

There have been so many guild challenges where I've wondered afterwards why the guild we played against even hit the search button to find a guild challenge - because hardly any of their teams ended up playing their games. I've been involved in one GC where only 1 team challenged us. And MANY where less than 5 of their teams played any challenges.

Any time you come up against our guild in a guild challenge, your teams are sure to get cash because we make a point of making sure every one of us plays our 2 challenges. But we often get left disappointed in our opposition who don't challenge us. We just finished a guild challenge where half our opponents didn't play a single challenge.

Some of us have gone multiple guild challenges without being challenged even once.

What's the problem? Even if you don't think you stand a chance of winning, you STILL get money for playing. Why not play your 2 challenges and get the benefit of the extra cash at least?

I'd love to see some sort of penalty system for guilds who don't play enough games. Maybe something like a rule that you have to at least play 50% of your challenges or you can't search another guild challenge for a week.
I like your idea for a solution to this problem.
It’s brilliant!
Like this idea too!
+1 for this idea. I can understand some teams with maxed buildings not needing the cash but every single team in the game needs the Training Points!!!
My guild England 2066 international are being very active lol if you feel exhausted you can join in
Just tell me your info about your team so that you're fine with it
With our guild if you don't play GvG you get booted. Luckily this has paid off and we now have a really active guild. We have played a fair few challenges now and seen this issue, less lately but it is still there. I kinda like your solution.
Guys, sorry to burst your bubble here... Guess what...
It won't happen.
So many good players left already. I am also leaving in 2 seasons from now. So lvl 60 I'm out and done if nothing changes soon drastically.

SeekNDstroy please don't leave. I would like to see you in my guild if possible.