You should be ASHAMED of yourselves Bones Brigade, cheating and still losing!!

31/12/16 03:04
How does it feel? I mean really deep down inside? We are a Coalition of Conquerors, not even 2 months old, not a single player above level 9, and we took you down. You were so scared, you started maxing out the match bonus in 8, COUNT THEM, EIGHT GAMES to get points. YET, .......

you still lost.

Try learning the game instead of throwing money at it.

We don't use match bonus. We don't need it. Thanks for all the free money and auction points. Oh yeah, and our Level one beat your level4. After only 5 days of existence and training from our Coalition. How pathetic.

Onto greater things. Next up: PICK SIX

A high quality, and very talented guild. We, at the Coalition, agree that we look forward to competing with you, and you will not see Match Bonus out of us. This one should be lots of fun, and may the best guild win!!
31/12/16 03:21
we know you are good, and we respect many of your members. Looking forward to this one, toughest GC we have faced so far. I mean till now, all the guilds we had faced were jokes, especially the last one. Best luck to all and most importantly let us all have fun!

P.S. pls do challenge me PICK SIX, it pleases me everytime to see a victory while i was away lol
31/12/16 03:54
I wish our guild would match up against your guild. I have much respect for Myrtle...but especially CantWait. Then again, you have filled your guild with beginners (that are no doubt quite excellent), so you are hanging out in the "lower region" of the guild rankings and will be matched up against vastly inferior competition.

I am quite happy in my guild as it's all very pleasant, non-aggressive people in it and it's just a nice atmosphere. But, if I would ever leave for any guild, it would be yours. CantWait and ANNILIHATION are the two most respected teams I have. I miss seeing you on my map Myrtle, and I enjoyed our games, but now you are back in the pack a bit. I am sure you will rise up to the top 20 once again sooner or later and I look forward to more epic games.

Best of luck to you guys. I also enjoy beating up on the 50's and 60's with their money teams. We share that in common!

Da Cubs

P.S. I did challenge you last night CantWait in a map game and it went as I expected it to. I just haven't challenged you in about two weeks, so figured it was time to see if I made any progress. I have not, so won't be doing that again for another few weeks!
31/12/16 04:24
It's Da CUBS!!!! I was giving you love in the other thread. Over at Coalition we talk about respecting you and love playing you. Trust me, I am still as good. I just try to move up much in the rankings right now. Waiting for the new season.

Finally!! someone responded! Amanda and I were trying to create a conversation area for players, as we cannot communicate outside our own guilds. Love it! Honestly, been waiting for a chance to praise you and your team. Everyone at Coalition has much respect for you. My daughter, ha! She is a bit more colorful in commentary with the exuberance of youth, but honestly, we both love the game, and we have a ton of fun sharing it with each other. We (Coalition and my daughter) have many times talked about other players and wishing we could communicate with them.

Welkl, the ones we respect! But, anyway, so I had the idea of the talking smack thread. She loved it, and followed with happened to her the Alliance's last guild war, and created one. Ah, the exuberance of youth! (She's 24) And we love the fact that it brings us even closer together as we laugh and share our experiences here.

Funny story, and no lie. Can't Wait can verify. Just tonight, I wa laughing so hard, and told the guys this in the chat. Amanda calls me, and it wasn't "Hey, how are you?" or "How was your day?" It was "QUick, I don't know why, but Alex Gosh's morale is at 9 percent!! Easy victory! Hurry!" AH, I raised my baby girl right! LOL! You should see us together at football games!

But back to point, very nice to meet other players. BTW< we have two openings right now if anyone wants to join, just play one of us in a friendly a couple of times so we know, or just say so here. We have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. Guys across multiple time zones.

Now see this is fun! BTW, another true story, and the guys in Coalition know this. Know how I met my wife of ten years? (Obviously NOT Amanda's mom, lol) At star Yes, you can meet wonderful people from all over the place.

Pleasure talking, and nice World Series win. I, along with the rest of the world were cheering for you like crazy!
31/12/16 04:30
HAHAHA!! Really da Cubs? I am sitting here babbling about you, and you play me? Told you I am still the same! Much love my friend!
31/12/16 04:48
Hello again! Thanks for the nice reply. You know, I share almost all your viewpoints and feel pretty much exactly as you do on everything you said. I, too, wish there was a better means to communicate with others outside of your guild. I also wish there was more "going on" with people posting, chatting, and just anything. Post about the game, post about your team, post about the competition, post to say hi to a new friend...just post something!

I remember your thread where you mentioned me by name a few weeks ago when you were talking to one of the "big 2" guilds. I found it very entertaining and pretty much spot on. I also am amazed at how angry both of them seem to be about anything and everything. Sliders this, money that, etc. So, I would definitely NOT ever join either of those two grumpy guilds. I care about the game, but I guess I don't care as much as others as I really have no issues losing and just enjoy the experience of building "the village" (as I call it). I realize I cannot crack the top 10, but last night I hit 15 and I know that even getting that high with my level 9 team of 0 money players can only ascend so high. Not quite as high as CantWait, but I fully respect the great team and it's only fair I reign underneath!

I wanted to post a few weeks ago, but had the hardest time figuring out how to log in. I contacted support, and FINALLY tonight I figured out how to create an email address and password and am FINALLY able to post something. I have never had such a difficult time just getting past the Log In screen as I spent countless times inputting my email address and every password I've ever had only to repeatedly fail at logging in and seeing no button to push to recover your password or create an account. Instead, I eventually clicked on help and support, then the My Account box (which was not easy to located in itself), and only then was I able to get this done. I am guessing if I had all these problems, there are many others that are unable to figure out how to Log in just like myself.

I also saw Alex Gosch's morale at 9 awhile ago today and took him out 22-20. That was closer than I hoped. One of the guys in my guild (9er Nation) screwed up and his morale is currently at 0%! That was not what he wanted to do. We played in a friendly just to see how comical it was going to be, and his team actually held up quite well.

Our guild gets along very well. We have no rules or issues or discord throughout. I gather from reading around and some of the other guild descriptions that this is not always the case in the guilds so I am happy everything is so pleasant in mine. We genuinely support and root for each other, and enjoy "the climb" to knock off the big 2 (who we have no love for). Most of us (and I am guessing you and CantWait can relate) have received countless invites to join either one of them, but we only had one person defect for them (Come back kings). I would rather be a part of something that's rising instead of just joining #1 and having it all handed to me. Plus, having them out there means there is always a goal to shoot for. Some of our guild is close (rockhounds, Britz, THE GRIFF), others are not. But, we probably have the strongest middle core of the game as I think we have 16 players in the top 100 right now. We take a lot of pride in that as a group together as most of our guild has been together for a decent amount of time.

Thanks for the nice story about your I did laugh out loud. I love Star Trek. I met mine at church. And yes....Go Cubs Go!!!! It's been awhile since Chicago has had a winner (excluding the White Sox who I hate), so I was very happy indeed.

I greatly enjoy your posts and you will indeed hear from me quite a bit. I will keep you updated on the hot news inside of PRO BOWLERS (of which there is very little since we all get along so nicely).

P.S. I have a bromance on CantWait and ANNILIATION if you didn't notice it before. They are just so good. CantWait #1 and ANNILIATION #2 in my book of best players.
31/12/16 05:05
Again, this is fun! Yes, over at Coalition, we know many of your guild and have much respect. Matter of fact, I know Toptown has a tourney game against 9er Nation tomorrow who we really like. You guys have a lot of great players. LOL, have no idea how many times the Griff and I have played each other. Tell him I said hi!

Oh, and to clear up any confusion. Annilination is my daughter Amanda, and you can ask Les, that is Can't Wait, that she stomps every time! It's kind of a running joke. Let your guys know they have our respect and admiration, and it would be an absolute blast to play you guys in a war. Heck, a bunch of us play against each other already!

Don't know if you saw the other thread I made, but it seems the only way to try to do a manual match up is to set up a time where we can look for opponents at the same time. Bones Brigade has a LOT more fans than we do, but as soon as I hit the challenge button it immediately came up. Also with Pick Six. They are rated way higher fan wise, and even have two more members.

I have a "dummy" team that I use to train and experiment things with. It is called Damar, which oddly enough comes from Star Trek, but point being, that team is in the guild Clueless which is also filled with great guys. Also, one of them, you probably see around the forums a lot is Qball who just got a moderator position. So, I will talk to him and see how we might be able to set up a war, challenge manaully so our two guilds can have some fun against each other.

So, say hi to the guys for us from Coalition. I will ask Q. Sorry this is all so disjoinmted. Talking and laughing on the phone with Amanda right now while trying to type.
31/12/16 05:07
HA! I did have to do a friendly since I've finally found you. It has been awhile, and you and me battled daily for about a week when the rankings were pretty new. We were the 2 holding ground for the 30's against all those 40's and 50's. You remember that....good times. I also remember Air Gronk was in our range for a bit there (and he has slipped back as well a bit). He had the fastest team I had ever seen and it drove me nuts. He also has a special spot in my heart.

I just had to do a friendly against you as you were on my mind. Some things never change! The game was never in doubt as your team completely dominated me. Nothing was working which is rare for me that I can't find SOMETHING that works. was all being shut down. By the time I finally scored the game was well in hand. But, just to say it again, I did not find the hole in your defense which is very rare for me as I have plays for everything and different speeds and I always find the hole. So, I will need to rethink my approach for when our paths cross again. All that said, I had a blast losing to you, but I already have two ideas for our next match of what I can do different....which probably will not work, but obviously I got to do something different! It's always fun.

I don't think you need to beg for players for your guild, either. You have a reputation that I think a number of players recognize and should recognize the name. If I would of found my way into your guild, I doubt I ever would have left. It's just at this point I know all the guys in my guild and vice versa and we all talk freely about strategy and helping each other. Since there is no ability to communicate with anyone else, it seems hard to imagine leaving my group of known friends to go somewhere else where I know no people (due to having no ability to communicate with them). As you start to find and groom more players with team styles like yours, your guild will continue to dominate everything in their path. Our guild battles have all been extremely predictable. We are matched up with Aggies guild this time. We will obviously not beat him (they already beat us once). We have not been matched up against Brotherhood. And we have beaten everyone else thoroughly and quickly. Usually our guild has defeated everyone in the opponent's guild within 4 hours of it starting. The closest any guild has come to beating us (outside of the big 2) was our last challenge which was 22-13. So, either we just crush it, or we are matched up against Aggie. There just is not truly a comparable guild to us top to bottom. I don't know how it would all shake about between CantWait vs. rockhounds AND Britz (as he would be the only one who I think could realistically take either of them out). That still leaves THE GRIFF and Eagles (who just changed his name from Bobby Knight) still. Perhaps you could take both of them out. But then you still got me! I usually beat Corona, so I don't know how that would work. Then again, I don't know most of the people in your guild! But, I'm guessing you're training them super well and they will become a huge force within a month as they continue to dominate championships and move up the ladder. You're almost a mirror image of our guild as we are filled with people who routinely take 1st or 2nd in their championships every time and just dominate the game. But, most of your guys are a few levels behind, and that's an entirely new wave of talent that is one championship level behind! I'm just looking forward to moving on from 9 to 11 and realizing that we will get better players in the auction house and the talent gap between us and the big 2 is continuing to shrink day by day. Sooner or later we're going to get 'em!

Now, back to the wonderful game. New match day!!
31/12/16 05:14
Our first guild challenge was against Pick Six and they were terrible. They had no strategy. Their best guys went after our worst guys FIRST. I think they won 5 or 6 games. It was just a disgrace since why would you have your leader and best players go against the other guilds bottom players? So selfish and such a losing strategy.

Then we played them again in a guild challenge not long ago and it wasn't any better. No plan. Just them starting with our 25th ranked player and then going on to the 24th. I mean...we don't have an iron clad strategy, but our top guys (rock, Britz)...they just go for whoever the biggest dog is first. Our weakest guys pick whoever they want, and then us middle guys (that's me!!), come in and clean up whatever is left with the other guilds best teams defeated and the bottom of the guild defeated to just leave the middle part.
31/12/16 05:36
worst smack talk thread ever

get a room you two... lol