KotJ Rugga Rebels. Holiday Mode!

11/09/18 16:03
if you all change your flags to New Zealands flag i'll come join you
11/09/18 17:08
Hi Targs,
have you seen the Tourney draw, excellent! If I get thru I am due to meet 'Machine' who I just scraped past last night, in a final. I had to take a real good look at him beforehand, plays like 'Yoyo' (Maliayo), but in my opinion, better.
12/09/18 00:11
SuperM is on my side of the draw too, a few other good teams in it as well, probably the strongest tournament i've been in
12/09/18 00:13
For me, by far.
14/09/18 04:40
See you tomorrow, I have a feeling you have the better of me
14/09/18 07:03
Hi Targs,
I don't know about that. I didn't use my 1st 15 against Fifi. I wanted to take another look at you (after all you're a very 'dangerous' oppo'). So I played my best players. So, 5 players were at full energy (inc. 1 key), the rest on equal terms, I apologise, this wasn't intentional, an honest mistake, I only realised half-way thru the game.
So, I'm really looking forward to a comp match against you, it will be tense. I have a feeling, I will have to pull a 'rabbit from the hat'. 1 certain tactic you use, I need to shut-down (hence the friendly). Seeing as the game was unbalanced, I'm not sure I have. I will leave in 'The Lap of the God's.
15/09/18 01:13
Targaryen Dragons :

See you tomorrow, I have a feeling you have the better of me

i stand corrected
15/09/18 01:18
Hi Targs'
well played! Can't compete against 10 v 0 visas and subs.
But, I'll try to find a way.
15/09/18 06:20
Hey guys, we are playing you in the GC that is starting here soon. Who needs money? I will make them our cash cow if your banks can hold it. Please let me know. Angry Samoans aka LC Bears
15/09/18 06:40
Cheers Bears, you're a Gentleman.
We have Mr. M XV, Hooligan and Orlok plz.
We would like to know who needs cash on your side?