Remove the match Bonus

10/11/17 19:11
MB is a strat; you make the money in the game, you can use it.

I doubt anyone can use it for every game it is available, thus the skill is in picking the right opposition.
12/11/17 08:06
There is no strategy in using the MB. In fact it is used in place of strategy. Maybe you use it against someone who will use it against you. Or maybe you use it to beat someone you could not normally beat. Either way it is a reaction that takes no real thought. In the highest leagues it is used more than half of the time so to compete you must use it. There are teams that use it all of the time and they fulfill the purpose of the MB; to bring cash into the game. Without the MB those that spend $$$ would go elsewhere because learning strategy was never their reason for playing.
13/11/17 16:21
strategy??? LMAO it is used when you already know the team you are playing is better than you and you have to sucker punch them in order to get a win.It takes no integrity at all to use the MB