Game problems

20/06/16 22:31
Hello everyone,

Currently, Our game encounter some problems due to a server bug.
Our team has decided to temporarily close the game to correct it.
The game will close tonight and we will open again as soon as possible tomorrow.

Please excuse us for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience.


The Football Champions Team .
20/06/16 23:23
In fairness Fada, your game has encountered MANY problems even when it was 'working', lol.

Glad to hear there are 'a team' working on it, I can only imagine the loss of earnings, lol.

Excuse the inconvenience - not a chance, lol.

21/06/16 05:31
hope there will be no change to our team like a reset or players missed ....
21/06/16 06:11
I hope they proper fuck things up and give me mk spurs or pl teams starting 11
21/06/16 09:16
Worst thing is without this game to distract me I'm going to actually have to do work now
21/06/16 12:14
Didn't get any money after championship match???
Stil a bug??
21/06/16 12:19
if its like my league game it was postponed for 24 hours
21/06/16 12:26
Rapid_T3 :

Didn't get any money after championship match???
Stil a bug??

My 2nds had a cracker - I saw the final score BEFORE the game started, every 'goal' wasn't shown when watching live, and one of my new players is still for sale in the auction but I've just been outbid for this clone even though he's just played in my team. And no, I didn't get any match money after the game either! Ho hum...
21/06/16 12:52
How did mk spurs 2nds handle the guild challenge against kawasaki on his own
21/06/16 15:27
hey, people,

i wonder if any of u can help me find the builder who was upgrading my ticket office as he disappeared n stole about 12 million which he saw lying around in the ticket office?

it wasn't cool as he didn't even finish the upgrade. really depressed now n need to see my shrink later.

admin, can u help me before i indulge in self-harm?