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28/10/21 19:54
Kieran Woods :

I've just played my first GC since the update what a farce the kicks are like the ball has been hit by a train it moves that fast my eyes can't even keep up. Yet my players run like they've got rope tied around both legs even tho i'm on 100% rhythm and I'm maxed out in speed for most of my players .

I don't know about update more like downgrade. I will try to play when on 100% health and see if it makes a difference but I don't expect anything different will change

hows tiger?
30/10/21 14:13
Mel Fingerbum :

I hope everyone is really enjoying these new updates lol

Um thats a big NO Rubber ducky.
01/11/21 20:12
The only way this gets resolved is people stop buying and cut them off financially!!
01/11/21 20:15
ban :

The only way this gets resolved is people stop buying and cut them off financially!!

not going to work, every one talks about stopping spending but never do
01/11/21 22:10
Which developer decided to stuff up the game?
Go shoot yourself mate
02/11/21 15:12
What a total load of rubbish ! What were they thinking ? Game is now worse than ever, rather concentrate on fixing the stupid results, and teams performing above their stats, and players getting knacked rather than lasting all game without being knacked. Getba grip Nitro
02/11/21 20:45
Have now stopped all purchases, done it before, even shut down a team full of cc players after being stiffed by Nitro, and no going back now. My last remaining team will wind down and go back into the pack of pointless oblivion. I know a few who have followed suit. Only way to punish the ridiculous developers who seem hellbent on destroying the game is to stop spending.

So many leaving the game where one has to spend a small fortune now to remain in the top level, particularly after major upgrades that expect building upgrades, and be competitive, all the old cheating revelations that soured the game and the bias given to top spenders who are tipped the wink on code changes that most never find out about until their season collapses or have to spend hours finding out what adjustments work has taken all the fun out of this once great game.

02/11/21 21:37
i do agree the game should be made cheaper and more people would play it
03/11/21 19:42
Complete farce now and mass exodus on it's way. None of the changes are even remotely realistic. Well done for killing off your own game Sweet Nitro. Round of applause for the Chimps.
03/11/21 20:43

I hear that deafening applause for the chi…..chumps.

I always knew that the pompous, arrogant, often aggressive, customer adverse Nitroshite team would eventually kill the game. Cannot believe I contributed financially to their downfall for all those years as a payer at one point for two rugby and one footie teams.

A fool and his money are soon parted…..a lesson I took far too long to fully realise.

And whoever thought up that completely ridiculous voting nonsense really does need to be put down. I do hope it wasn't requested by one of those high rollers fed info to keep their teams competitive, but wouldn't be surprised. It was always those, many of them cheats, that Nitro fawned over.