Training Points

10/06/19 03:04
Do the attributes for the players do more than what the guidelines in the game say?....for example is strength do more than just the ability to cause injuries?...does strength help cause fumbles? make a RB harder to tackle? make on OL block better?....Is there a more detailed list someplace for what each attribute does?
10/06/19 08:24
Jup, this is what I got. You have to juggle that on your own,
tryout in your guild or join a guild where this is talked about.
Do not know of any list like that.

Herr Neuman sprechen Sie deutsch?

see ya

11/06/19 17:02
@Jared, find #1 Brotherhood guild and friendly the leader Buster Chestnut (that is also me) and I'll throw you an invite. I'd feel more comfortable talking with you directly.

Maddog 3030/Buster Chestnut

12/06/19 04:17
Maddog/Buster...I played Buster but no need for an invite as I am happy in my present guild...Don't get me wrong the teams there are very helpful but everybody has a different opinion on the attributes and the only consensus is the attributes do more than what the guidelines for the game say for each attribute. Sweet Nitro however says they only do what is mentioned in the guidelines. I am Ridgecrest Renegades
12/06/19 04:24
I have seen some interesting things with training points areas. things that don't align with the explanations a little bit. if you change your mind, let me know. we have a lot of knowledge and talent within our guild organization structure. could be very useful.

best of luck to you.

MD (just noticed I posted under my not set up "buster" forum account)
12/06/19 04:24
Maddog/Buster I do appreciate the offer and your time offense but your response sounds like something from Sweet Nitro, I do appreciate your response though
12/06/19 04:26
I just looked at your guild. talk to Halloween. he's a buddy of mine and knows his shit.
12/06/19 04:52
Maddog, we seem to have some pretty good teams in the guild and as I said everybody is helpful including Halloween but the ideas seem to differ on what each attribute really does and Sweet Nitro is of no help. I was just hoping maybe there was more info somewhere that I was missing.
12/06/19 14:13
there are a few different things you can do with training points, depending on setups. Way back when Halloween had a build guide for players (key areas to focus on, etc) that were given to us by my mentor. If you never get that info from them, join me.

13/06/19 00:13
I have sent out 2 Skill Set Lists in the past 3 lot of typing but helps the new players.

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