Stadium money

02/11/19 13:04
Hi, is there anyway I can somehow move my money around? I have around 3.7M in my stadium and if I do anything I loose it.

Please help!
03/11/19 21:19
You can leave your money in the stadium. But all you can do is to upgrade banks to hold more money or buy gear in the sports shop. Perhaps if your city isn't fully developed you might buy a plot of land.
04/11/19 11:41
I’m all developed, all at L24 and now some L25. With the gear it’s all set prices now do I can’t buy to empty it.
The stadium only holds 2M so it says Ill loss 1.6m if I take my cash.
04/11/19 23:26
the stadium has no limit to what it can hold.. just wait till you get a builder freed up and spend what you have on you.. then hit up the stadium.. you wont lose it as long as you do it before the end of the season... I'm pretty sure i remember reading that they made a change some time ago and $ will not roll over now.. But i could be wrong about that part
11/11/19 05:35
Stadiums have limits. No matter how many games I play, it seems to be capped at $2,000,000,000. And at full upgrades, I can only store $1,200,000,000 so I'll loose some money.

In the shop now prices are fixed so I can't do the old dodgy buy, empty and over fill my bank.
11/11/19 23:01
Who the faq has so much money lol but I think you are right then with your $2,000,000,000
11/11/19 23:33
It makes no sense how the game has a limit of savings, but in no way can be used!
14/11/19 16:52
wow i never got close to that much sitting there.. learn something new every day
30/11/19 03:44
Load of money!