Full game turney

02/02/19 05:44
Leaders of guilds that see this please post the number of teams in ur guild that wanna participate. I'd like to do one a month? Something of that sort. Be something added for us all. The more the merrier. Let's ball out.
02/02/19 14:37
Not sure how many I can get but I will talk to The Brotherhood to guage interest. I personally am down though.
02/02/19 16:04
Pack is working on getting more of an exact count, but we multiple teams interested at The Bar. If I had to guess, 6 or so.
02/02/19 23:07
I'm sure a few Pimps will play..... I'm down
02/02/19 23:19
I will see what we can get from the Empire
03/02/19 02:21
We'll have around 12 representing the Bar.
03/02/19 02:23
Closer to 9 is what it looks like. I can get 9 teams to play.
03/02/19 02:55
Ok j will do a 32 team Turney I'ma start It late tomorrow to give y'all a chance to wind ur turneys down. First come first serve. Leaders please encourage any members to play. A full bracket is a fun bracket. Cheers. Remember we should try and hold these once a month or so. Let's keep it interesting
04/02/19 04:20
Turney code EZ3I (capital I to end it). Starts in 3 days. 32 team Turney let's get it. Let's fill this thing first come first serve
04/02/19 14:14
OK The Empire is getting in cool