Patch 3.0

21/03/16 10:38
Match bonus divided by 2
The maximum match bonus you can buy with money is now +50% instead of +100% for the same price

The top 3 teams of each league will skip a level and the 4th to 9th teams will move up
On the previous version only the first of each league was able to skip a level, now the top 3 teams will and the teams ranked between 4 and 9 will go to the next one.

League rewards increased
The end of league money reward is now increased depending on your results.
21/03/16 12:33

This is all nonsence ...please focus on making ths game better by listening to the players!!
-junior market
-open transfer market
-open tournaments for more then 1 level (because there is still no chance to get a tournament going and earn some medals at the highest levels)
-fix fouls / yellow cards / free kicks given to the wrong team
-fix the fact that pretty much every fouls is a yellow card
-fix the fact that attackers always make a foul
-get more building levels, because many players are getting stuck and can not build anymore
-go back to a league of one month
-players should only age one year per month

Be honest about all the cheating that has happened and is still happening!!

21/03/16 23:39
12 hours later Pierrot? ...ahem ahem

what good is extra league money if you are maxed out in banks and and other buildings, with nothing to spend it on other than the full 50% bonus?
23/03/16 16:21
24/03/16 09:57
Somesy, please refrain from using foul language in the forum (I've deleted your last post)
24/03/16 09:58
I will try and address some of these issues with the admins.
31/03/16 13:03
you said the top 3 teams will skip a level....WHY DOLLARD84 IS in level 21 after being in level 20 like me??? he was first last time,he should be in level 22 ....
31/03/16 15:49
There is no skip for the top level. The top 9 teams are just promoted to the next level.
31/03/16 18:01
something i dont understand ,we was in level 20 before and still be there ...why? i was 4th in the last championship and should be promoted to the next level? you said : " The top 9 teams are just promoted to the next level. "
01/04/16 11:47
The top levels have a mixer of different level teams since there are not enough players to make up the championship at the highest level