Two different games

13/04/20 23:17
Guest_54321 :

YakitoriX :

Easy to talk under a guest name, for sure afraid to be judged.
Balls out dude, just a game lol

Stockholm categorically stated that you match-fix to gain a competitive advantage in Guild Challenges. Guest name or no, this is a full admission of guilt. Trying to deflect from this now is meaningless

Post under your real name and we will, I will read you with attention.
For now I won’t read anything from you seriously, and trust me, am a good person always open to discuss.
We are here to open discuss, debate and state, so do it under your real name or please be quiet and go play candy crush with all the respect I can have

Ty in advance.
13/04/20 23:40
I don't believe anyone is interested in trophies , Stockholm tbh but what people are interested in is fair straight up rugby la cag is a good guild that doesn't need to fix because its that good but what everyone is saying is prove it prove your number 1 guild but without the fixing, and when you win fair no giving one team massive advantages then you'll gain recognition for the right reasons

hope this makes sense

Ashley - Leader of Black Venom