Level 23???

14/01/17 14:05
Almost six months and no new upgrades? I would imagine now that most players in the top few levels will have got most, if not all buildings up to level 22. It's boring having nothing to build. Should we be expecting a new patch in the near future?
14/01/17 21:42
I've only got the final level on the guild hall snacks and goodies shops to upgrade everything else is maxed out eventually i'll end bonusing just get rid of money cos no upgrade will ever cost me more than 10 million
15/01/17 11:11
Just got one goodies to unlock (86 gb to go), started using bank money to boost up wages seen as there's nothing else to spend it on..surely some have unlocked all building slots and are maxed out on every one. Come on Sublinet, give us something to build!!
16/01/17 10:57
Level 23 will be unlocked in time.
Only 8 teams have all buildings maxed out for now.
16/01/17 21:25
Fair do's then if there's only 8 maxed out..thanks for replying Pierrot
17/01/17 11:37
Another Auction house would be good
06/08/17 17:36
PierrotLL :

Only 8 teams have all buildings maxed out for now.

Make that 9.
My facilities have been fully upgraded for a while now ...
I have 3 full time builders on my books with no work for them to do.