Why can't i find players for my level.

09/04/17 15:57
I'm at level 7 and am allowed to buy players up to 70 but there never seems to be any above low 50's....... Where are they ?

Not that I could probably afford them if there were lol.
10/04/17 19:41
Hi Gerry use the filter to find the quality of player you want although you will find the higher you go the less players are available as everyone wants to keep top assets
14/04/17 12:26
I know what you mean GB, what I think happens is that you can purchase players with skill levels up to 70. However a lot of players will have traits that are more than. For example I have a prop who has an overall star rating of 85, but his scrum strength is at 120. This prop wouldn't show if you can buy players of star rating of 90 as the scrum strength is over this.