Maybe this will reduce the cheating

13/03/20 18:20
09/04/20 21:33

Hello champion, in this situation of confinement and alarm that we are, it is good to remember people, I hope everything goes well, now we have more time to be at home and in internet games to kill boredom so if you want to try A soccer game that I have found searching, is quite good and different from others that we already know, so if you want to try it:

A hug and greetings.
21/04/20 02:32
Oooof Shaun careful mate lol
25/04/20 16:22
Gregory K. Ishii :

Oooof Shaun careful mate lol

stuff it the worst that can happen is they kick me out before I quit. I'm already cut down to my 4 teams & now only have access to one other that I'm helping & I have told him he is on his own from the 1st of next month & thats it from then on its my teams only & I doubt if I will even have all of them by the start of June.

Stuck at home or not I'm getting to the point where I have just had enough whats the point when you report a team or even a whole guild for cheating & admin wont do sod all about it.