Tîm Cymru

18/11/16 00:30
Hiyah Taffy we have our own page for our own members however I did invite team whales onto our page as well to help the lads however not everyone has joined the group but yeah more than happy to be on yours if you tell me what your called i'm on FB under my name. The group I have is called World Elite on FB it is a closed group but should you request to join I will accept you just PM to let me know your wanting to join or I can join you up
18/11/16 00:53
Hi, Taff, it's been a while since we spoke and I really cannot wait for your team to come join us in the top 10. Team Wales will always retain that name and we will always, as usual, stand tall and proud of the name.

We are also really happy UK Elite aka World Elite are back with us, and we will remain supportive of World Elite. As it is, I am not on any FB groups for personal reasons and generally use MU2 (Leigh) as my message carrier!!! Hahaha!

Hi, Ashley, we are sincerely happy you guys are coming back up. Rest assured, there will be continual support from us for our fellow British guilds, run magnificently despite the odds by my hero, Taff, and you, Ashley, and anything we can do to help, WE WILL DO OUT BEST TO DO SO!

See you guys soon in GCs and please thrash MU2 for me if you can as he is such a pain to tolerate!!!

All the best.
18/11/16 09:22
cheers guys thxs for the messages yes if we all support each other as we have been doing we will all get there eventually
18/11/16 13:30
sorry about the short message earlier just pop on quick; yes been a while mancs miss our little chats in the gc but all you guys are doing a fantasic job there at team wales hope your enjoying your bit of peace and quiet while will is away in amsterdam he's got his 2nd team in my guild at the mo so we chat now and again so we are not 100% welsh cos of him lol but made him an honoury taffy haha
and ashley will look for your fb group when i got a mo ours is obviously called team wales catch u both again soon keep up the good work
18/11/16 16:30
Who is the MU2 lad you speak of simpleman I'd happily take him on in a game which guild is he in and he will get his beatdown
18/11/16 16:58
Hahaha!, Ashley, that's Leigh (MUII of Team Wales) from your FB & Team Wales FB groups! He'll kill me now if he reads this! lol

Just tell him Red Mancs is innocent!
18/11/16 17:22
your innocent mancs it will stand up in court unless theres an iranian judge then your guilty as charged lol
19/11/16 20:35
ha, mancs is never innocent! i'll get u back, mancs!!! hahaha
04/12/16 17:25
hi we are looking for an active welsh team please come and play me to get your invite and make sure you display a welsh flag we have got into the to 50 guilds with 25 guild members so help us get higher and beat the iranians by playing the game how it should be played
07/01/17 11:42
we are recruiting again guys so if your flying a welsh flag and want to join come and play me and i'll send you an invite