Team Cohesion Bonus

13/03/18 07:49
I’d like to float the idea of a team cohesion bonus. This is just an idea so don’t pay me out to much if you don’t agree.
There should be a team cohesion bonus, where 100% is the highest and say 30% is the lowest.
If you play your players in the correct position, i.e a number 1 or 3 plays in their correct (prop) position then you get a certain percentage added to your base team cohesion percentage. A 9 plays in the halfback etc... if you have all team members on the paddock in their correct positions then you are at %100 team cohesion.
Could also use this for reserves, when they come in you lose percentage if you play them out of position.
Anyways, haven’t thought about the ins and outs deeply and I’m sure my idea could be refined.
16/03/18 22:25
i'd sell up honestly as I only play the game for fun , I take nothing serious don't even know where i am in my own league and don't care either promoted or not . I just wouldn't have enough knowledge to place everyone in there correct positions
16/03/18 23:33
If you don’t know the positions in rugby why are you even playing and can you actually call yourself a fan? I mean a halfback playing as a prop? You don’t understand that isn’t where a halfback plays? Maybe you should just sell up to be fair
17/03/18 00:02
I'm just disappointed that I can't use subs. I can't find anyone 16-23 in any of my ah.
17/03/18 00:03
Also, have you tested to see if players in their correct position already has a positive impact?
17/03/18 00:23
Haven’t tested it, who knows it could be the case. I don’t believe it is though. If only I could get my hands on the underlying code
17/03/18 00:42
There is a way to test it pretty comprehensively, it has been tested but I won't disclose how or the outcome. It is possibly a secret sauce and it's possibly just thousand island dressing. Not everyone will know
17/03/18 01:10
Either way, I still think it would be a good money earner for sweet nitro. Would mean players would need to spend those hard earned gold balls on changing their players positions. I think rugby 06 on PlayStation had a team cohesion level. Anyways just an idea, I thought it had some merit at the time. I also think nz players should get a bonus just for being from nz haha
17/03/18 01:59
Well I would be out of luck if my players could only come from the United States. At least I would have a quality 7s team!
17/03/18 04:09
Black Monks :

Well I would be out of luck if my players could only come from the United States. At least I would have a quality 7s team!

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