Patch 5.4

21/12/16 16:07
So am I to understand that you don't get to pick the guild challenge what I mean is you can't challenge who you want if that is the case then why do it?
21/12/16 16:32
Because everybody will want to challenge the top guys over and over and over again, plus certain guilds will start the challenge at say 7am whilst others will start at 7pm, the timing will prove an issue.
21/12/16 23:41
So let me get this straight we can't challenge anyone and we have to wait for what I don't understand it says we have to wait for an equal what is a equal team I would think anyone in the top 10 or even 20 should be equal. So am I to guess that no one in the top 10 is even doing this challenge then? Please explain.
22/12/16 00:05
Im presuming that you have not found an opponent yet?
22/12/16 01:09
Well according to how it works we don't chose the opponent.
22/12/16 01:13
Ok let me rephrase that. Does it still say searching for a guild of equivelant strength?

If that is the case I suggest logging a support ticket so the support team can assist.
22/12/16 23:15
The problem the likes of the top two guilds on the game have is we are about 200-400k in fans above the rest of the pack and the game bases a match on number of fans instead of average team strength that is why we are yet to find a match frustrating but it's true the game will never for example put Brotherhood against a side with 10 people who only have 15,000 fans each even if there 10 players were amazing players cos the game works on fanbase not team strength
25/12/16 23:18
Well let me be the first to say that you have completely screwed the game again. Everyone waits for the guild wars for so long then you come on here and say here you go guys the thing you have been waiting for. But wait let's not make it fair game for everyone let's put the slider in for the people attacking only so azz clowns that have no business beating people they have never beat. And before any of you other azz clowns answer this with well why don'y you use it in defense well it don't work that way I guess the clowns that run this game didn't think of that. So again you clowns running this game have screwed it up one more time my god get a clue will ya. I will never play your stupid guild wars until I hear you come on here and say your sorry for the mess up.
24/04/17 17:27
Did he ever play 'guild wars?' Lol what a nob head