Auction House glitchy

10/12/16 18:44
I put a QB up for sale on AH and after about 6 hours he reappeared in my squad (someone had a bid on him for 650). Just for kicks I proceeded to "sell him again" and the counter reset to 24 hours and the original bid of 650 was gone. I asked other players to check him out for me and they also found that the original bid was gone and the timer standing on 24 hours.
10/12/16 19:50
I bid on the player, he is now out of my auction house along with my recruiter points and I got no player.
11/12/16 17:37
so the game doesn't reset hmmm points don't disappear right thats the answers i get fix the game
11/12/16 19:11
The patch seems to keep players you are selling on your roster during the sale process. I do know that if you leave the player alone and he has a bid on him, he will get sold as previous.

During this time, you can continue to accumulate and place training points on the player.

I am guessing that if a player doesn't get bid upon, they return to your team, instead of simply going away, but I have not tested that out.
11/12/16 20:25
I saw this post too late...argh! Mine also got reset to zero when I put him back again and there was already a solid bid on him. Lesson learned
11/12/16 21:55
Wehn my players get put back, I sold a lot, they are put in the wrong place. Messes up my team. Also, trying to cut salary. I have a guy that is selling for the third time. What a headache! And now I have to try to keep track of who I wanted sold in the first place and why. I would rather just play the game the way it was meant to be played. Please fix as soon as possible!
11/12/16 21:57
Also, my daughter, Amanda called me. We now have confirmation. She sold Liam, a 30 star OL to Toptown Dree who is in my guild, and player has been dupilccated and put back on her team which she just put up again. She didn't want to pay the high salary. This is nuts!
11/12/16 22:54
Ah, what's worse, it totally messes up that players morale. Have some int he mid 50's to re-sell. Have no idea why any of this happens. Trying to resell again, or I will just have to dismiss them.