Just a reminder

Pimps are always looking for teams who think they can hang with us. Requirements are as follows...... Must be active, playing in GC's and asking and sending kits. Must have a sense of humor, we are NC-17 and like to laugh. And most importantly, you want to become the beast you always thought you could be.
We are not looking in the past but towards the future and will welcome any team interested. Except Don, you can suck it! I know most that are established are where they want to be, but losing to us must get tiresome. Maybe a change in scenery is needed?
If someone is truly interested, message me here. All interested has chance to join the best! Or join some some guild trying to beat the best. Again except you Don, go fuck yourself
Sry for double post. I think this forum is more broken than the game. If possible
hey needle nuts who cares.your momma was pimps 1st customer,you talk crap in the forum do something about it .busveld
goona go take a ride on my 4 wheeler and screw ,,,stringnuts mom,,,,talk all ya want kick my arse in the game you are only hurting sweet negro
Lmao! You guys are always entertaining..... good stuff
I think it's freaking hilarious that PIMPS can't Post anything without someone trying to jump in it...lmao...all the hate is so entertaining.
... Z ...
I'm not sure teams are going about it the right way to get an invite. Pretty sure I said message me here?