How can I slaughter a team one day and then the next day in the league match he gets 2 injuries and yet still wins.
This is bullshit and you can keep this shit.

so explain this shit or shove your cheating fucktard game up your arses.
I would bet the match bonus was used against you.
I would agree with John
could of left fake settings on if you understand the game not that i do but I play other sublinet and nitro games where i'm better. i leave fake settings on through the day and then kick ass in the championship and tournies . Worst thing you can do is friendly an opponent don't know why people do it cos it gives them a chance to study your weakness . I prefer to watch video's of my opponents past league matches and then try and find a way but i suppose it is possible MB was used
Nice to see you back Touchy =)
It is highly likely that match bonus was used. A tell tale sign is your injuries, a common side effect of mb. I suggest you increase your player toughness settlement ngs to avoid the injuries. Then take a teaspoon of cement and harden up.
I've had players with maximum toughness injured in games where max bonus was used. It sucks, but it happens.
If 'bonus queens' want to boost you, take it as a compliment, as it's the only way they can take you out. Having said that, you have to question their sanity...…….why use a 20+m boost, to win 14m, and that's only if they use it once. You always find morons in every game, just let them get on with it.