The game can be alot better. But now sucks, because what is the meaning of having alot of 200% star players that means nothing in your team,but still lose against a team that have weaker players, if the opponent have 3 strategies that is maxed you lose. So why still play this game. What is the meaning of purchase players online when still losing against a team that strategy is maxed, so basically the game is all about your strategy?
This is the wrong approach to the game. If all you have to do is spend money and have a half decent strategy to be successful, it would be a massively boring game.

It is a STRATEGY game. The fact that you can have a weaker team on paper and yet develop a superior strategy to still beat an opponent is the ONLY enjoyable part of the game and what makes it challenging and worth playing.

If you have bought players and are struggling to win matches against weaker opponents, then your strategy is poor and you need to work on it. That's the fun part of the game! Working on and building great strategies.

When I came up through the levels, I joined a strong guild and worked with guild mates to figure out what worked well and to develop good strategies. I suggest you do the same.
Nick are you playing again? Which guild you with? Jaco(Vrystaat 2.0) here bud.