Unfairness in Guild Challenge

Is this unfair or fair that one Guild has 25 teams vs a Guild with 20 teams : in that the Guild has an advantage of having 5 teams and hence he chooses his best 20 teams......where the Guild with 20 players has to do with what he has got....surely it should be a comparison of apples vs apples at the end of the day... especially if the one Guild is in the process of building......and i am not saying all other Guilds are not building......so i feel it should be a guild that has for example only 20 teams playing a Guild that has only 20 teams
Not a really good idea... If it has to be only 21 v 21, 20 v 20, 23 v 23, then that'll take a longer time to load gcs in general than now. Also there should be some bench provided in case someone wants to leave to join another guild or if the player can’t play due to business or smth.
I understand what you saying...but look at the line out law if one side comes and only puts 3 players in a line out the other side is forced to conform to just 3...so in the case of fairness the team with 25 players should then conform
and they do, if one guild has 25 teams, they only field 20 when playing a guild of 20, but if your opponent puts 3 midgets in the lineout, you're not expected to do the same, you put your best jumper and your 2 best lifters and enjoy catching all the ball