Rucking Broncos

Good to see an old familiar name back in the game, many thanks for the invitation to your guild but I'm happy at Boots.

If you ever revive your TM team look for me at #1 Guild.

Just seen your at no.1 in the rankings, congrats mate

All the best
Greybeard Griffins
Hey GG good to hear from you. I thought your were playing me in a friendly for an invite lol. The door is always open anyway, I know you are a master tactician so not long before you will be ruling the game like in TM.
Thanks for that mate

Still a long way to go & a lot to learn before I can attempt to make it to #1 on here, lol

All the best Griff
You will do it Griff and what a great achievement if you can have the number 1 spot in RM & TM at the same time!
All hail the goat
Very funny Guest 4BK15N! Name and Guild please sir, or you will be accused of being a no-mark