Match up - Leveling out the playing fields.

The GC match ups system shouldn't be based on wins it pushes GC to the guilds that are only full of high lvl guys and not the guys that have good guilds. #Rugga Rebels Ranked 15th in GC ranking has 1 lvl 70+, 8 LVL50+, 8 LVL40+, 3 LVL30+ and 3 LVL10+. We cant compete against JB's Jolly Dungeon Adventures : ) Ranked 5th has 12 LVL 70+, 8 lvl 60+, 1 LVL20+ and 3 LVL10+ it wont be fun for them no challenge. (but we will surprise them but not to the point of a win). but we get matched because we have dominated GC and because they have also dominated GC as you can see this system has its flaws.

Solution to the problem:
#Rugga Rebels (average 44) vs JB's Jolly Dungeon Adventures : ) (Average 67) this matchup should never happen!
My suggestion is it to use a average Championship lvl for the matchups? Most guilds are all full of guys roughly in the same championship lvl do a normal average system drop the highest and lowest one and then average the rest of the guild out then within a 10 lvl match ups either side . eg. A guild with a lvl 50 average will play guys with an average of 40-60... Use that for the GC match ups it is going to be the most fair system and with the most competitive results. It isn't fun for guys that are win a GC 25-3 and it definitely isn't fun for the guys that got 3.

Yes you will always get the monkeys that are scared to play guys on the same strength lvl as them so they will recruit a bunch of low championship lvl guys do drop their average, but they will be spotted a mile away and everyone will know they chicken! Knowing this community they will be called out and ridiculed!

The fan based system didn't work and this system of matching guys on the number of wins in GC wont work either (It is the guilds that have all top championship lvl guys in it that will be at the top of the GC rankings. Good guilds that are competitive against guilds on the same average championship lvl and slightly higher championship LVL than them selves will keep getting uneven matchups.

Keep the 3 point win system that is cool so you can see the top GC guilds and because you using a average guild strength to do the match ups you will see all the top guilds in their respective LVL at the top of the GC table. And that is what is should be. You can't base the best guild only on the fact that they have all Championship LVL 72 level out the playing field.

Top guild should be based on on number of championship/tournament wins in a season as a guild. That way you will really see who are the best guilds. #Rugga Rebels had 23 of the 25 jump 2 lvl this season and that has been like that for the last 10 seasons. The 2 guys that didn't jump 2 leagues finished 4 and 5th.

The same goes for the Special events it is always a guy in the highest lvl or one below that will win that the lower lvl guys don't stand a chance. But if you split it into championship lvls eg. 1-5 6-15 16-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 66-the end it will give everyone with a good strat a chance to win their devision. A good strat can beat 10 lvls above them easily to win their devision.

The point of this post is to make the game more competitive at all lvl's not just to focus on the guys that have been playing the longest or that have paid to jump multiple seasons to get to the top(respect to all of you that have done that. Lets make this a bette game we all love the game that is why we here.
I really like the idea of the average Championship level matchups. I would like to take that idea 1 step further and create a league system like in the normal championship with promotion/relegation. This will weed out those "monkeys" recruiting low level and inactive players to avoid guilds on their level. This would add an extra dimension on training and heal kit donations. You would have to plan your training sessions to fit into championship, guild challenge and tournament matches. If you want to compete on all levels like we do, then you will require active players in your guild.
You can have multiple divisions of 6-8 guilds in a division.
Hi Ooligan (nice to see you here),
like the saying goes, 'you can't please all the people, all the time'.
I think the new pairing system should be given time, see how it goes. I do agree with your first point, tho'.
I totally agree with your 'special events' comment. I have never entered one, what's the point of drawing a much higher level oppo', who's just going to run over you, no matter the strategy. If it was competed on a 'leveled' basis, I would take part.

ps. Spooon - Divisional Guilds, great idea!
The GC point system will serve two purposes, it will have teams playing other similar teams once it levels off. Guilds that intentionally kept their fans low to play easy GC matchups are going to have a lot of losing to do but it will even out. The second positive is that we will be able to see is the best and who just talks. Pretty awesome
Yes agreed that the current system with level itself out. But then once again the top ranking sides will be the guild with the most high ranking teams not the best guilds.
Yes agreed that the current system with level itself out. But then once again the top ranking guild will be the guild with the most amount of high lvl teams not the best guilds.
hooligan #Rugga :

Yes agreed that the current system with level itself out. But then once again the top ranking guild will be the guild with the most amount of high lvl teams not the best guilds.

Can you explain the difference?
Ooligan, into the rabbit hole you go!

Be patient. The way you guys are going, you'll be thereabouts in 10 seasons.
Black Monks :

hooligan #Rugga :

Yes agreed that the current system with level itself out. But then once again the top ranking guild will be the guild with the most amount of high lvl teams not the best guilds.

Can you explain the difference?

Assuming you are not just trolling BM I'll explain the difference to you. With over 70 championship levels, it takes 35 seasons for a new player to reach the top level. And by then the bar has shifted because they keep creating new championship levels. If you are in the top tier - sure - but being good let's you hit a dozen levels or so above your weight. The longer you play, the better your team, regardless of how well you use the resource you have.

Then add that if you are trying to build a new guild you have to choose between carrying inactives or not playing guild challenge matches(And it's not easy to recruit into a guild with less than 20 players) and this game is pretty heavily stacked towards the guys who have been playing it from the start.
I understand all that, but how can we say the best guild based on results isn't the best guild? Seems like we have an objection with objective reality because it violates our subjective belief. For every team on a mid level guild that is euqal to a top team if all teams are the same there are ten of those managers in the top guilds. Sweet nitro had a solution but they met resistance from this forum where people literally said they didn't want to be moved up because they enjoyed winning their champs easily, that says absoultely everything. Everyone that is in the top 10% has been in the middle, and you can anyone where it is tougher.