BMRS record board getting sprayed

Dropkicks Rfc :

Thanks massegat... i got lucky mate hopefully be up top with you guys soon

Got to get past me first Mr. Legend
Really like this “friendly” rivalry happening for ranking dominance hahahahaha putting some fun back into the game itself!
Well...the new "events" were a let down so a bit of "fresh air" was required

Some people not going to like it but I think I can live with that.
If you guys are going to have a rivalry can you at least entertain us by having a bitter rivalry? One of you could call the others dad a hamster, the other could fart at the first, etc?
Well considering what "SPUITPOEP" translates to, us "Wet Farts" at WES are more than happy to be bitter towards them (some smelly ones coming your way SpewyPops), especially when they beat us. Not bitter enough? Sorry.

btw...How did you know my dad was a hamster?
Yeap translation correct, that morning after a heavy night of drinking and having dodgy 3AM chili kebab. Your ass will be like tap the following morning, well that is pure SPUITPOEP hahahahaahahaha
Top contribution as ever Monks. Thought it would be interesting to delve back in the BRMS archives to see how things have changed in the last year or 4 January to be precise. Where are they all now?

1. International Lions (Retired and Not Retired) 662 points
2. Lomus Legends 482 points
3. Arena of Champions 424 points
4. Terra Nova 292 points
5. Demi Maul 234 points
6. FB Banter 232 points (assume Webb Ellis)
7. Scrum Down Ruck Over Drink Up 199 points.
8. Flying Fijians 140 points
9. French Flair 114 points
10. 140k+ 88 points