Message for Black Monks

TEAM GB is recruiting. We expect people to turn up for challenges but understand when real life gets in the way. We play to win but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have a number of players that have been around for a long time, so we have a fair amount of knowledge about the game that we are happy to share.

My personal hope is to tempt BM out of retirement
Can I remain retired and join? I still do my gc matches for the cash.
Absolutely. Challenges aside, how our members choose to play the game is entirely up to them.
Send the invite, I will be there in 36ish hours. And here are my demands, the same demands I have before I join any other guild:

I would have sent you an invite ages ago but The Library changed its name. Where are you now and do you know that you probably don’t need an invite to join?
We have carried on the fine bia tradition of name changes. As of this second the name is brothers in arms academy. I have however been threatened by at least one member of bia that I must spend time with Barry before I leave, little does he know I am barry and that would be a promise to me rather than a threat
I found you. Can you tell?
Sure can, now get carshalton back too
That may require a joint effort.
I didn't realise Pro Try from the French side was retiring and had found his way to the BIA academy.