BMRS heavyweight battles edition

In today's edition 1st and 2nd are separated by less than 1% and 6-9 has a total spread of 15 points. Tight battles all around.
1. Royal guild of fennel. 554
2. Flying fijians. 551
3. Ball-boys. 382
4. Spray poo. 347
5. Walking fijians. 257
6. Lomus legends. 214
7. L'esprit. 205
8. Terranova. 202
9. Sicarii. 199
10. Legends. 176
Nice work BM!
Good job !
Cheers black monks

And cheers dropkicks for the games
YukuLouLou :

Good job !

Thank you good sir, you all were inches away. I should be getting these out a little more regularly now that I finished my second master's program.
yes, it's my fault, I had a few days without and I left the top! Otherwise we were in front.