The BMRS staff?

Who do you nominate to leave Team Black Monks seen as they are full? Perhaps they could both do a Leicester and Gloucester style swap deal?
One of The Fallen. Now that sounds like a good idea :).
I think many including myself would be happy to join them. The details of their guild page suggest that they are a feeder guild to the uber successful BIA who as fans of the forum will know score well on most metrics. I do not believe it is that old a guild and they give all but the best guilds a run for their money.
Fallen, their page actually says that bia is their feeder clan. Certain types of humor are list on some though. Not everyone understands the greatness of bia and even fewer understand the greatness of our humor, lol.
I took that simply as sarcasm Black Monks.
And you took it correctly, as always! You are one that gets humor
Bm come and spend a day in my new crib soon
Your ball boys crib or are you flying me to Wales?
Black Monks :

Your ball boys crib or are you flying me to Wales?

The only way we will let you into Wales BM is on the back of a Dragon