If i tie or beat you, retire you money paying useless small sausaged wanna be.
Oo-er! Sounds a bit racy to me. What happens if you tie him and then beat him. Not my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat guest_"random numbers". Good luck on your quest and I hope you find your happy place soon!!
Perhaps we should divide this section into 'banter' and 'section for complete idiots to post rubbish in'. ?

Anyhow, I have moved it.
He's barely coherent, but I get his point. I have the same frustration with the sheer volume of credit card players in the game. Not a lot of strategy in shelling out $8 at a time to pad your side. I'm always amazed that people do that sort of thing then feel any sense of achievement, but hey - maybe that's just because I have better things to spend my money on.