Season transition?

28/11/18 09:52
Have a trick I used to pull, but I can't remember the timing of when it bumps us up based on recent results. Anybody remember how long after the season ends/about what time of day we get moved up?
28/11/18 13:57
It was early last season flip... Can't recall exact time, all I know is we were right in the middle of a GC.
28/11/18 14:36
Ya it was against the pimps.. they hit us overnight hard.. then come morning we got to try to take them on at the new lev.... as if playing them is not hard enough lol.....

That was a fun GC though.. we took our beating.. put up a bit of a fight..

30/11/18 02:28
usually between 4 and 6 AM eastern time in the US you get promoted to next level
01/12/18 23:29
Ended up being right around 6am EST, this time. (mainly using this for future reference.)