I'm champ lvl 20. With mostly lvl 21 teams.

31/05/17 14:50
Once again developers show lack of following their own rules. Why would any team be matched against higher level players when the game clearly states I'm lvl 20. I should face teams at same level. AS ADVERTISED. higher level has potential to have players at higher stats. Therefore has the advantage. Don't give b.S about strategy can win. It is true. But the issue is not that. It's that the game doesn't follow it's own rules. I'm going to expose this and show the proof to google play and share with many other platforms. Get your sh1t togeather developers.
31/05/17 15:32
Well firstly it sucks but at least it's only for 2 weeks.

Secondly the only alternative is to make smaller leagues. For examale let's say there are 32 lv 20 teams. You could split then into 2 leagues of 11 and 1 league of 10. And that would be fair.

However I would hate that as my 13 game days are reduced to 9 and would still have to wait the full duration for other leagues to catch up time.

If you have a better suggestion let me hear it