Sports shop

30/05/17 20:46
It would be nice if you would let us accumulate gear when the season ends, not when it begins. Bidding wars on the first day of the season suck. Just a thought
31/05/17 15:37
I'm don't have a sport shop yet but I like it. There are certain players at the top who seem to be far superior to the rest for whatever reason (not just money). Having to rebuy equipment every season means if someone doesn't put sufficient effort in for a couple of weeks they are vulnerable, irregardless of who they are.

Also a team can choose to wait to buy stuff and save up for a season later to make a proper run at the title
31/05/17 22:17
I understand all of that. This last season had 4 days of nothing at the end, I'm just saying we could have been bidding on gear that whole time to prepare for the new season. It was just a thought. I too like the sports shop.
31/05/17 22:32
I agree end of season is too long. New season should have started monday