Guild challenge money

14/04/17 19:14
I think it would be really cool if after the guild challenge is over if we could see how much money was spent in the guild challenge. Because we all know that it is very easy to end in a tie. So I would like to see which guild spent the most money for that tie. Thoughts?
14/04/17 20:09
I think your idea has merit. I would guess you think it would be a moral victory if your guild spent less. Or none. But I would like to see it taken further. I have always thought that listing who is boosting, and before the match, was a good idea. From my point of view it just gives you the choice on whether or not to boost in return (except in GCs). But there are 2 points here: 1) Boosters will always boost. 2) The money spenders will be protected.
It is moot either way. It keeps the money coming in and the spenders stay with the game. It is for us free players to hate and money spenders to never understand why.
14/04/17 20:14
Andrew yes it would be a moral victory to see who has spent the most money for the tie in a guild challenge. And it would give us something else to talk trash about, lol. Me personally I would like to see the slider done away with it just gives you false readings on how good your team is. And now with this sports shop lol that is a joke anyone that spends money in there instead of building is not to smart because they will not help you against the slider. I have not bought anything in there and I haven't seen anything change.
14/04/17 20:16
Oh I forgot to add that I just bid other players up in the sport shop as I laugh and build.
14/04/17 22:07
I agree with you, Dave. Build, train, compete. Why else play?