Match Bonus

19/12/16 23:12
Does anybody else think the match bonus has no place in the game. Draft your players, train your players, and play your players. Being able to magically boost players on game day is nonsense.
19/12/16 23:15
Can't agree with you more on this issue.
22/12/16 04:16
Fully agree Greg!
22/12/16 17:48
You know, I read and post a lot in the forums, and after all this time, I have NEVER seen a single person think that the Match Bonus was a good idea. Except for one of the moderators, and I forgot which one.
22/12/16 18:15
Match bonus is a massive cash cow and in the end it's job is to milk you out of cash so that you spend more real money on the game. I will eventually dissappear but will take alot of effort and time to reach that point.
22/12/16 18:18
Just to add... if my knowledge is correct the match bonus advantage lowers by 1% every season you climb so do the math.
27/12/16 16:16
It just waters down the skill of building.....

27/12/16 17:37
That's for sure.... Money wins!
28/12/16 08:53
I'm absolute dross at this game, I know jack shit and hey I even admit it, but in all fairness I don't live in America and a lot of the terminology I don't even understand what it is / does , but even I don't agree with the MB. it's like robbing a player of there win. I don't win much anyway without players using MB against me just because my team rating is decent means jack all if you just don't have knowledge of the game like me. I remember the admins saying it makes the games less predictable and gives players with less rating a chance but the rating of a team means for very little I'm 46 rated and I can beaten by 35+ if they are setup well so for me I don't see the use in MB cos if both do it one of you has lost anyway so to me it's a pointless waste in the game and I'd much rather lose and take the cash for upgrades.
29/12/16 04:37
I can afford to use it. I just never have and never will.