Successful 4th down conversion gives the opposing team the ball

17/12/16 05:44
Had a match game today and was sitting on 4th and about 1, needing to get to their 43. Ran a play and got all the way to his 15 yard line and ended up on defense. Opponent got one play off before halftime.

Also, it is kind of screwy that 1 team can end up receiving the opening kickoff and the kickoff to start the second half. This never happens. Regardless of who is in possession of the ball when time expires in the first half, the ball goes to the team that kicked off to start the game.
18/12/16 23:21
we have told these guys these numerous times also how come my team now goes for 2 everytime its not set that way and hardly ever try that
19/12/16 12:24
Can you please tell me which match it is?
20/12/16 22:00
3 days and 5 billion map games later.... I will try
20/12/16 22:58
Don't be a freaking ass. The world has enough problems without shitheads like you adding to it. Glad you got 5 billion map games in. That is an incredible feat. If you want to ask for help because you obviously don't know what you are doing, ask kindly.
21/12/16 02:40
Pierrot - the game date is December 16, match time 22:29 Bobby Knight vs. Roughnecks. The 4th down play occurs in the 2nd quarter at the 02 mark.

Jason- you ok buddy? Having a bad day? Perhaps before you mouth off about someone being an ass, you should make sure you have your facts correct. Not one of my posts have attacked the developers or any other player in this game or forum. My very first post was responding to the DEVS 13 days after they asked for assistance in adjusting the terminology used in the game from a thread created back in October. (I am PART of the reason why we have a stat that says carry instead of anti fumble. The devs took a handful of thoughts and kept what worked for their system). I suggested the ability to clone plays to be able to move them in folders, ordering the folders on the play calling screen in game to make more sense. Called into awareness issues with defensive players weirdly subbing outside of certain formations - was not the only one here-. Notified of a bug regarding to non attended games pulling offensive plays out of only one folder.

Every single one of these posts was in effort to improve this game. Anytime I have mentioned some sort of bug the DEV team has taken note, usually replied, and thus far fixed almost everything (this particular oddity, and another minor issue that I don't think they have had enough time to fix). Many of my other ideas were not only to potentially improve the game for us players, but also had the ability to increase profits for the devs, giving them even greater incentive to look into some version of it. But alas, my second moderately snarky comment on the forums means that I am nothing more than a big old bully who has done nothing for nobody. (Number 1snarky comment being a gag about Usain Bolt competing in the next Olympics carrying a midget in a backpack)

It was my fault for not specifically mentioning the exact game this event occurred in originally. I was short on time, and assumed that there was some sort of log (or magical list of whatever) that the developers could pull relatively easily and view the situation. Considering I had not sent the ticket immediately after the incident, and I had played more than a few games since then, I could not recall the opponent or time everything occurred. Which meant reviewing all games from 12/17, when I made my post. Then a funny thing happened, after rewatching every game on that date, I could not locate the event. It wasn't until I made my post which included an exaggeration of games to sift through, that I did not realize the forum time stamp is not the same as the in game time stamp. Weird thing that I never thought as a possibility, and it changed the time frame I had to look through.

In short, it was a pain, but I was willing to do it to help improve this game.

And yes, it is still screwy that a team can get both kickoffs, this was mentioned by someone else long before my post above, and that is kind of a big thing that should be looked at. If the blue team receives the opening kickoff, the red team receives the kick to start the second half.

But don't mind me, I will just sit here continuing to "know nothing"
23/12/16 23:19
New incident for you to also review. Game date December 23, game time 16:01 Roughnecks vs. Gareth Jones. You just need to review the first drive of the game.

Kickoff was returned to the 40, so the first down would have been at the 50. The fourth down attempt was run 9 yards past the first down marker to the opponents 41. Next play and I am on defense. I did notice that on 4th down, the first down line was removed from the field. Beyond that I have no other ideas, I did convert a 4th down for a touchdown and everything worked fine, so it would seem to be error only occurs if a player gets the first down, but doesn't score??? Hope this helps narrow your scope.
24/12/16 17:00
Hey Guest, my bad. I get in a mood after reading a bunch of Ashley's posts ripping the admins and devs of the game. LOL! You just sounded like her/him at that point! LOL! So, you are Roughnecks? You have a great team. Be proud!
24/12/16 17:02
Ha! I even gave your team some love in the Talking Smack silly thread last season. Well played. As for this particular bug it used to happen to me everytime before the updates for the Rankings, but I have not seen it since as I always go for it on 4th as well.
26/12/16 17:58
Anyone else seeing that the team that gets the opening kickoff often gets the 3rd qt one as well... ? seen this a few times next time I'll post the game..