Guild agreement

12/03/20 20:40
I am Stockholm exilés from La Cag

GCs are getting soooo boring. And it seems Sweet Nitro doesn’t give a damn.

I hope Damage Inc, Order of Anarchy, and all top guilds will read this.

Maybe should we make a deal, some kind of a gentlemen’s agreement, to keep the GCs spicy.

Here is what I’ve got on top of my mind :
Any top guild should limit the. Umber of top league players (say 13 max) and second league players (say 7). If we all agree, and because we all have guild one, guild two and baby guild, we could make a nice bunch of competitive guilds, ready for interesting challenges.

La Cag is the dominant guild, but probably too much dominant. We miss the strong Damage Inc, the old Spuitpoep, the challenging OoA....

Sweet Nitro doesn’t give a damn, fuck it. I am pretty sure we can make a deal and keep the good fun of this game
13/03/20 14:13
Hey Stockholm - Mavericks from OOA. Will ask the guys and see what they think but agree it would be good to have more competitive GC
13/03/20 14:13
Hey Stockholm - Mavericks from OOA. Will ask the guys and see what they think but agree it would be good to have more competitive GC
13/03/20 20:51
Mavericks you are a very good player
16/03/20 07:36
Stockholm, you are an excellent player, as are many of the others in La Cagnannaise. I have nothing but respect for your reading of the game and tactical abilities.

I agree there is a real problem with the game being boring and uncompetitive at the top. However I'm not convinced that the solution you're suggesting is the answer, because it doesn't address some of the real issues.

Why has La Cagnannaise been so dominant? Without doubt, it is because you have great players and overall game strategy. But that's not all.

You also fix championship matches every season to ensure your teams remain at the top level, regardless of whether they are strong enough to stay there, and at the expense of other strong teams when deserve to get promoted but are fixed out. That habit ensures that La Cagnannaise maintains an unfair dominance because you are keeping other players from other guilds from staying at (or achieving) top level. In short, you are complaining that other guilds are not competitive enough to give you interesting guild challenges, yet it is your own guild that is keeping it that way.

One of the contributing reasons the map is so boring in the top 20 is because none of the other guilds want to be there. The La Cagnannaise and other French teams that have crowded the top 20 have agreements in place not to play each other, so you all gang up on any team from any other guild that comes into the top 20, causing them to lose fans rapidly. It's no wonder nobody bothers trying to come and compete there. It's not a full on fight... its 1 or 2 vs 19.

I'm not convinced the solution you're suggesting will work, at least not until La Cagnannaise ends their non-competitive practices of match fixing and map agreements. Until such a time as they do, you will have to suck it up and enjoy the boring game your guild's actions have created.

I speak on behalf of Damage Inc when I say we are all for making the game competitive, interesting and fun. We will gladly join forces with you or anyone else who wants to take suggestions such as the ones you've given to Sweet Nitro to bring about change. But until La Cagnannaise ends their match fixing and map agreements, I see no reason why we should come to the negotiating table.