Can't start guild challenge.

08/03/17 07:29
I've been trying to start a guild challenge but have been unable to. My guild used to participate in the challenges but after falling below the minimum 10 members have not been able to. Now the guild is at 11 members but I still get the message that we have less than 10 members. Anybody else had or having this problem?
08/03/17 08:47
Not heard of it. Possibly due to the 48 hour 'rule' on new guild members taking part. How long have the most recent been members. If not this then suggest you submit ticket to support.
08/03/17 11:55
From the moment the 10th joins, you must wait 48 hours.
If was confirmed on another thread somewhere, by Fada I think.
08/03/17 20:25
*****Hasn't this now been reduced back to 24hrs?****

I just moved guilds and was expecting a 48hr wait to find out I was able to participate after 24hrs

****CANCLE THAT, its 48hrs, i must have slept a day or something lol****