2 games in 7 minutes

16/01/16 19:09
I work in IT, so I know how difficult stuff can be.
I don't have any problem with the downtimes, errors, delays, etc, but I have a BIG problem with the way they are being communicated and recovered.

Wouldn't it be a better solution to delay games 1 day instead of recovering all in a row.
Due to the problems with stuck games, I ended up having a tournement game at a schedule I was not aware of, and the championship game 7 minutes later. Does that seem reasonable? How in the hell could a user set up a team for both games.

Instead of this plain disregard for the users, you should instead publish a post apologizing and explaining the error you had, and announce the schedule of the games for a specific period, having an interval between games. Like you are doing, it is impossible for the users to manage anything.

I have already decided not to spend a peny more in your game until I see improvement on what I stated above.
I hope you have enough "balls" to do an apologize post, and explain your bad decisions.

17/01/16 11:09
You think it was difficult for you. I had a tournament final and a league game played after the glitch. Both at exactly the same time. Won the tournament but got two injuries. These players not included in league game which I lost. Preset bonus had been set to zero for this. The only plus was that the system repaired the injured players afterwards.