19/02/19 10:24
dear managers lets stop with this game of lies... i will give my exemple, in my championship games i have 2 wins 1 draw and 2 defeats, thats no problem... the problem is that i draw and lost one of my games against teams that i always win in friendly matches or in tournements. before playing against them i played with them and won, but in the championship match i draw or loose. curiosly they are always iranian teams... start being man enought to stop this and stop being cheaters..
19/02/19 15:42
Did they change strat for the league game that may be what caught you
19/02/19 17:56
friendlies mean nothing mate especially now with the new update where players like me will be hiding there main formation with false settings and formations if people wanna friendly me they can but theyll never see my true strength till they play me in a competitive game now the game is more skill based rather than who can friendly the most I think this aint a bad update for Nitro better than ohh we'll just add level 28 buildings into the game .