Stay away from Bignose

20/12/18 09:34
20/12/18 12:21
Just to give everyone the full story cos Gregory tells half a story to everyone he meets . He msg me about a photo to which he claims is his you can clearly see from the photo that the skin complextion doesnt even match that of his skin tone just by looking at any of his facebook photos. In addition to what i'm saying what the man doesnt tell you is if you disagree with him he will do his upmost to screw you over. This could be anything from demoting you and excluding you from GC's in my case It was worse i'd given the guy my logins and he has done me some quite significant damage deleting all my strats In the rugby and setting my morale to 0 . Even deleting my entire team and leaving the players I have left with useless player settings such as 0% rhythm . To make the matter worse he attempted to wipe me out of RP to which i've mostly recovered it thanks to a bit of experience in playing the game but just a word of warning for all if you do join the lad don't give him your passwords.
20/12/18 12:35
20/12/18 15:37
Here we go again handbags at 10 paces

I don't know which one is telling the truth but at least Ashley does not stoop tp using childish names Gregory you do not help yourself by doing so
21/12/18 05:49
Only thing I'm trying to figure out is why is this a forum post? All I gathered out of whatever this is is someone stole a picture of someone else's leg (which may or may not even be someone else's leg)? What type of open forum commentary are you looking for from the peanut gallery in response to this?

P.S. I hope your leg feels better.
21/12/18 21:50
21/12/18 22:12
27/12/18 15:47
Facebook Would not touch it with a barge pole
28/12/18 13:01
28/12/18 16:56
GR8 maybe for the new year we can have a no slagging of anybody except cheating towel heads forum