I might possibly call it an end

23/03/18 14:02
I could announce retirement if The guild Strikers 3 ANZAC Squad continue abusing me. I once joined them with my 3rd team but they were rude and arrogant to me and didn’t even leave any gc guy to beat and also when they kicked me out I lost my team access and my team got collapsed, but I paid $30 dollars on gold balls and team upgrades. I don’t appreciate what is sweet nitro doing to me as well. If you want to know me my name is Paris Saint-Germain,or Gregory Ishii for real.
23/03/18 14:40
There are 2 sides to every story mate... We Asked rest of guild and no one thought that you were treated badly.

Your team went dormant/ non active , yet we gave you a whole season as a chance to play. But no heals sent at all or games played.
I also asked you on this forum if you were going to keep using that team on 3-1-18, no reply for over a week. So right hands voted your team out. This happens at all guilds.
And if you had a problem back then, why not tell us then ?
Our guilds treat teams okay- ask MK Spurs and Millwall, they both had teams in our guilds. You are entitled to your opinion, just tell the whole story !... anyway good luck in your new guild. ...Liverpool65
23/03/18 19:07
nice to know you ignore the point of the post this game should have a zero tolerance to abuse and should get fully investigated with the problem removed from the game. Yes two sides to every story, but I believe gregory as he aint the only player i've heard say Strikers in general is bad news .
24/03/18 03:38
That's sorry i have forgot to tell,that's cuz i got robbed as well
24/03/18 12:28
As an original member of strikers 3 I have found our guild to be nothing but fair to all teams that have been members. Yes we do expect heals to be sent and play GC matches but as stated earlier everyone has a chance of at least a season and the leaders are always in constant communication and encouraging. We are a guild who are here to help develop smaller teams and offer advice and support. I'm sorry to say your claims are wildly inaccurate
24/03/18 17:59
That’s just you’re lucky Chris. But to me not at all. And I got robbed later