Sweet CHEAT Nitro Not Improving game.

10/02/18 22:10
All I can say is that no matter what we say or how many tickets we send to Sleazy Nitro, these dirty bastards will ignore us and continue to allow the Iranian Admin to help the Iranian cheaters in the top guilds. Put a handful of dirty Iranian twats in the top leagues with "retired" teams; promote them a level up with just 4 games gone in this new season, etc. The fucking excuse they give is that someone was fired from their Iranian office because of fraud, etc, and to inform them if I come across such cases. Yeah, right, you stupid motherfuckers at Scumbag Nitro!!!

When threatened with legal action for condoning fraud and permitting cheating to occur openly, they decided to mess with my team's settings and fuck me up this way.

I have also been banned on 1 account but being the fuck twats they are, I am using another to write this! lol

So, I might as well send people over to their office and "chat" to them, and Slut Nitro, I promise my guys will be polite and treat you right!

Oh, ban me now, you motherfuckers! lmao!!!!

P.S. Those playing this game on Facebook, feel free to drop them a line and lodge a complaint regarding the fraudulent manner this game is being operated! You will be surprise at Facebook's response. Yes!

Also, for English-speaking players, do pardon my colourful language but I am such an arrogant bastard who can afford to go fuck them up in various ways once I reach that point of no return, i.e, IP Address; Server: etc. No offence meant to any of you as my target will always be the developers. I do not, and will never, need to be polite to these stinking twats!
11/02/18 00:47
Keep up the good work, mate.
We all support you and want some action.

Even Reverend Chelsea probably enjoyed your use of Appropriate words !